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If you desire fuller, more symmetrical eyebrows that beautifully complement your facial features, look no further than microblading. This innovative technique is the perfect choice for achieving flawless results that enhance your natural beauty. Gone are the days of enduring painful bi-weekly threading or tweezing sessions to maintain well-defined brows. With microblading, you can enjoy the beauty of freshly-threaded brows in a semi-permanent manner.

If you want to experience the transformative power of microblading and embrace a new level of confidence and beauty, we invite you to visit Glam Artistry in Melbourne. Our team of experts will skillfully design microbladed brows that enhance your unique features. We not only provide professional services but also create a truly engaging experience for our valued clients.


What is Flawless Microblading? How Does It Work?

Microblading is an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure that intends to shape and perfect the look of eyebrows. Involving the meticulous application of fine, hair-like strokes onto the skin, tattoo artists use a specialised handheld tool to achieve flawless results. This technique creates the illusion of natural brows while giving you a more defined and aesthetically appealing appearance.

During a typical microblading session, a trained professional, often referred to as the microblading artist, begins by consulting with you to determine the desired eyebrow shape, thickness, and colour. Once you have collaborated on a design that works well with your facial features, the artist will follow these steps:

  1. To begin the procedure, a topical numbing cream is applied to the eyebrow area to minimise any potential discomfort.
  2. Once the numbing takes effect, the artist carefully uses the specialised tool, which contains many fine needles, to make small, shallow incisions in the outermost layer of the skin. These incisions are meant to replicate the appearance of individual eyebrow hairs.
  3. After the microblading process is complete, a soothing ointment is typically applied to aid in the healing process.

The artist pays close attention to factors like your natural hair growth pattern and facial symmetry before creating the strokes. This makes the final result as natural-looking as possible. The use of different stroke patterns and pigment shades further contributes to the realistic and dynamic effect. Our expert team also specialises in microblading on tattooed eyebrows, delivering exceptional results.

Over time, microbladed eyebrows undergo a healing process, during which the initial colour may appear more intense. However, as the skin naturally exfoliates and regenerates, the pigment will gradually settle into a softer, more natural shade.

What are the Benefits of Microblading Eyebrows?

For people with sparse, thin, or uneven eyebrows, microblading presents a unique and unprecedented opportunity to achieve fuller, symmetrical brows that require minimal maintenance. The recent surge in the popularity of permanent eyebrow microblading can be attributed to its natural-looking results and long-lasting effects. Here are some of the advantages of microblading:

  1. Enhanced Appearance : Microblading eyebrows can help you perfectly frame your face. The procedure fills in sparse areas, adds definition, and creates a more polished and symmetrical look.
  2. Semi-Permanent Results : Unlike traditional eyebrow makeup that can smudge or fade throughout the day, microbladed eyebrows can last up to two years. This means you can enjoy beautiful brows day in and day out without worrying about constant touch-ups.
  3. Customisation : Our skilled technicians at Glam Artistry Melbourne work closely with you to understand your desired eyebrow shape, colour, and thickness. Each stroke is carefully crafted to achieve the most natural-looking results that suit your individual style and facial structure.

Microblading Vs Feathering

While both microblading and feathering are techniques used to enhance eyebrows, there are subtle differences between the two:

  • Feathering: Feathering, Also known as microfeathering or feather touch, is another brow-enhancing technique involving the creation of hair-like strokes. These strokes are finer and more delicate as they aim to imitate the texture and softness of natural eyebrow hairs. This technique is best suited for individuals who desire a softer, more subtle enhancement.
  • Microblading: Microblading involves creating precise hair-like strokes using a handheld tool and depositing pigment into the skin. This technique results in a more defined and structured appearance, ideal for individuals seeking a bolder and more noticeable brow enhancement.

Unlike microblading, Feathering emphasises softer strokes, which results in a more natural look. Apart from stroke style, the difference between microblading and feathering also lies in the clientele. Microblading is well-suited for people with sparse or thinning eyebrows who want a prominent, defined look, whereas feathering is ideal for already full eyebrows as it subtly refines and fills in any gaps.

How To Perform Eyebrow Microblading Aftercare

To ensure the best possible outcome and long-lasting results, proper aftercare is crucial. Taking care of your eyebrows during the healing process will help you to maintain their flawless appearance. Here are some of the essential aftercare tips-

First 7 Days:

  • Avoid sweating, sports activities, swimming, facial massages, hot saunas, and sun tanning.
  • Keep the treated area dry and avoid applying water, cleansers, creams, or makeup products.
  • Don’t peel, rub, or scratch the area to prevent scarring or pigment removal.
  • Avoid sleeping on your face and be cautious when washing your face.

Next 30 Days:

  • Stay away from sunbathing, solariums, Botox, fillers, light therapies, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and laser treatments on the treated area.
  • Avoid using creams with regeneration factors or undergoing hormonal therapy.
  • Protect your eyebrows from direct sun exposure with sun cream (except during the first 7 days).

Additionally, remember to follow up with your microblading artist as scheduled to address any necessary adjustments or colour enhancements. This will not only speed up the healing process but also give your brows the beautiful, long-lasting definition you have always wanted.

Why Trust Glam Artistry for eyebrow microblading after care?

When considering microblading eyebrow shapes, it’s necessary to find a reputable studio to achieve the best results. At Glam Artistry Melbourne, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional artistry alongside impeccable attention to detail. Our skilled artists are passionate about creating stunning, natural-looking brows that leave our clients feeling more confident and empowered every day. We are experts in eyebrow microblading, specialising in correcting and transforming the look of before and after bad microblading eyebrows.

Contact Us To Schedule A Microblading Eyebrow Treatment in Melbourne.

So, why wait? Experience the miracles of microblading and discover a more effortless and beautiful you. Microblading eyebrow service is also available in the suburbs of Melbourne, such as Brighton and Prahran. To schedule an appointment or learn more about the procedure, call us on 0403 231 319 or email us at today!


The cost of microblading depends on the location, the experience of the artist, and the type of service provided. It’s best to do research and consult with a microblading eyebrow treatment service provider for an accurate estimate.

No, eyebrows are not usually shaved before microblading. The existing brow hair is incorporated into the final result as the technician skillfully works around it, ensuring a natural-looking outcome.

The healing process for microbladed brows is typically 4 to 6 weeks. During this time, the initial scabbing and flaking will occur, and the brows’ colour may seem darker than you’d like. It’s important to follow the aftercare instructions provided by your technician to ensure proper healing.

It is generally recommended to avoid getting microblading done right before a special event or vacation, as the eyebrows will go through a healing process that can take a few weeks. It’s also essential to avoid sun exposure and excessive sweating during the healing period. Schedule the microblading session when you have a few weeks to maintain the ideal aftercare environment.

Microbladed brows typically last between one to three years. However, the duration can vary depending on your skin type, lifestyle, skincare routine, and exposure to sun and chemicals. Over time, the pigment will fade and touch-up sessions may be required.

Eyebrow microblading is typically associated with minimal discomfort rather than intense pain. Most individuals describe the sensation as light, delicate scratches. Numbing creams are used to enhance your comfort during the procedure.

Microblading can be beneficial for dense eyebrows as well. While it is commonly associated with filling in sparse or thinning eyebrows, microblading can enhance the shape, definition, and symmetry of naturally dense eyebrows.

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