Ombre Powder Brows: A Practical Guide to Before and Aftercare

Enhancing your brows with ombre powder offers a natural yet elegant result. Ombre eyebrow tattoos have gained popularity for those seeking defined but subtle eyebrow work. This involves a technique where pigment is gently applied to produce a soft, powdered finish. The technician uses tiny dots or shading motions to fill in the eyebrows. Think of it as a subtle enhancement, not a bold statement. Its effectiveness lies in its simplicity.

Ombre Powder Brows Before and Aftercare

Ombre Powder Brows Before and Aftercare

It’s crucial to understand that ombre powder brows are semi-permanent. This means that the pigment will gradually fade over time. Periodic touch-ups are necessary to maintain the look. If you’re considering this procedure, consulting with a professional tattoo artist is recommended. They can assess your needs and offer personalised advice for your situation.

Ensuring a smooth experience involves a strict ombre brows before and aftercare regime. These steps reduce side effects, promote faster healing and enhance the longevity of the procedure. It’s all about ensuring the best results.

Before the Procedure

Although the ombre brow tattoo process is simple, you need to take some precautions beforehand. This extra care before the procedure helps in smooth blending and contributes to better outcomes. It can even provide a fuller and more youthful appearance to your eyebrows.
Here are some before-care aspects:

  • Avoid Stimulants: Refrain from consuming caffeine and alcohol 48 hours before the treatment.

  • Avoid Blood Thinners: With the doctor’s approval, avoid blood thinners a week prior.

  • Prep Your Brows: Three days before the procedure, refrain from waxing, tanning or tinting your brows.

  • Skip Facial Treatments: Avoid anti-ageing treatments, chemical peels or facials for two weeks.

  • Facial Injections: Steer clear of facial injections at least a month before the appointment.

Aftercare During the Healing Stage

Understanding the day-by-day powder brow healing process is essential for a smooth eyebrow tattoo experience. Each day brings changes that contribute to the final, natural-looking result. The healing process unfolds in several stages. Each ombre brow healing stages play a crucial role in delivering the desired outcome.

  • Day 1: Immediate Post-Application Care

    After your ombre powder application, eyebrows may appear dark and sharp. Temporary redness, especially for sensitive skin, is normal. Feelings of tightness around the eyebrows may occur. Avoid scratching or heavy touches during this initial phase.

  • Day 2: Embracing the Changes

    Transition begins from the bold initial look to a softer, more natural appearance. You can expect dandruff-like flakes and dry skin, which are part of the normal healing process. Itching is natural but avoid picking at the skin to ensure even healing.

  • Day 3: Minor Swelling and Redness

    In the initial two weeks, minor swelling, redness, and scabbing may persist. From the 4th day onwards, the healing process gradually reduces these effects. It’s a crucial period that sets the foundation for the overall healing.

  • Days 4-10: Progression Towards True Colour

    Brows may appear 50% darker initially which gradually reveals their true colour over the next month. Depending on individual factors such as age, immune system and lifestyle, the skin may peel or scab during this period. Exercise caution during this phase.

  • Days 11-14: Nearing Complete Healing

    As you approach the end of the second week, the overall healing process is underway. Extra care is still crucial during this period to ensure the best possible outcome. Be mindful of any remaining scabs or flakes.

  • Day 15: Transition to Follow-up

    After the initial 2 weeks, the healing process continues. The final colour emerges after a few weeks, with variations between individuals. Touch-ups become crucial at this stage. About 6 weeks after the first application, schedule an initial touch-up for any needed improvements. This allows the artist to make any needed improvements. They deal with any issues that may appear during the healing. This step ensures the perfect result you desire.

How to Take Care of Your Powdered Brows

Proper aftercare is required to get your ombre brows healed. The process is straightforward and essential. A successful outcome relies on proper aftercare. The following guidelines should be followed for optimal results:

  • Avoid Touching: Refrain from scratching or picking at the newly applied micro pigments. Opt for a dry, clean Q-tip to gently relieve any itchiness you might experience.

  • No Water for 24 Hours: In the initial 24 hours following the procedure, it’s crucial to keep your brows dry. Refrain from any activities that might expose them to water during this period.

  • Don’t Sweat: Steer clear of steaming, fitness activities, or anything causing excessive sweating for at least 2 weeks. Additionally, be cautious of water temperature and duration when showering.

  • Clean and Moisturise: Gently dab your brows with a wet cotton round using cool water. Pat your brows dry. Apply a moisturiser, recommended by your practitioner, using a Q-tip.

  • Avoid Direct Sunlight: Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and UV rays. Only use SPF after the scabs have completely healed.

  • After 4 Weeks: Proceed with certain treatments after 4 weeks. These may be recommended by your doctor as well to ensure the best possible results. They include sea salt, chemical peels, AHA, retinol, growth serums, microdermabrasion, laser, tanning, and exfoliation.

  • Touch-ups: Eyebrows can’t be 100% symmetrical due to natural face variations. Factors like forehead muscles, brow bones and eyelids influence brow symmetry. A touch-up becomes essential as the original colour re-emerges. This is important to refine and fix imperfections to enhance the desired look.

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Professional Ombre Brow Tattoo in Melbourne

Ombre powder brows bestow a natural and long-lasting look. If you are looking for eyebrows that captivate, Glam Artistry Melbourne is your go-to destination. Backed by an experienced team, we’ve established a reputation for excellence. Our skilled tattoo artists use safe, high-quality equipment to ensure outstanding results.

You can contact our team to schedule your appointment. Call us on 0403 231 319 or email us at Whether you want to give your brows a makeover or require ombre powder brows before and aftercare in Melbourne, we are here to help.

What Does Microblading Look Like After 2 Weeks?

After two weeks of microblading, your eyebrows will have undergone significant healing. They may appear lighter than initially expected but don’t worry, this is normal. Over time, the pigment will settle – your eyebrows will achieve their final desired colour and shape. Remember, the full healing process can take up to six weeks, so be patient and follow the aftercare tips diligently.

Additional Tips for Microblading Eyebrows Aftercare

Here are a few pro tips that you can follow to improve your healing process.

  • Avoid applying makeup directly on your micro-bladed eyebrows

  • Refrain from picking, scratching, or rubbing your eyebrows

  • Avoid excessive sweating and strenuous exercise

  • Sleep on your back to avoid rubbing your eyebrows against the pillow

  • Avoid saunas, steam rooms, and excessive heat exposure

Time for Your Touchup Session!

After the 14-day aftercare and the 30-day microblading journey, it’s time to make your eyebrows even more beautiful. Don’t forget, your brows aren’t complete until the second session. A touch-up session is necessary after four weeks because everyone heals differently and the final result may depend on how you took care of your eyebrows during the aftercare process.

During the touchup session, the microblading artist will evaluate your eyebrows and make necessary adjustments. In case any parts of your eyebrows didn’t retain the pigment well during the initial microblading session. Those specific areas will be touched up and filled in during the session. If you have oily skin, a deeper shade may be required to compensate for the oils that tend to lighten the pigment. In some cases, the pigment colour may need to be adjusted and additional strokes will be added to enhance the brow thickness. Once the procedure is done, you will again go through the microblading touch-up healing process.

Final Thoughts

Mastering microblading eyebrows is not only about the treatment itself but also about the aftercare process. You can guarantee the long-lasting and stunning appearance of your microblading results by simply adhering to the crucial post-care advice provided. Remember, patience is key, and allowing your eyebrows to heal properly will give you the best outcome.

Are you ready to achieve stunning microblading eyebrows? At Glam Artistry Melbourne, we believe that the key to long-lasting, flawless brows lies in mastering the art of post-treatment care. Book your appointment with us and let our skilled artists transform your brows! You can email us at or call us on 0403 231 319 to learn more about our services in Richmond.